Emmeline Noblet Real Estate

Emmeline is not your average Real Estate Agent.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. “Award Winning Calgary Agent”, “Certified Negotiation Expert”, “Attentive to detail, Professional and Gets It Done with Service Second to None” . . . I know . . . blah, blah, blah.

Funny enough, ALL of those things are actually true about Emmeline . . . but that’s not why you would love to work with her.

Emmeline may show up with broken, un-manicured finger nails: you’d never know it by looking at her professional marketing photos, but this is a girl who knows how to work hard!

Brought up by a Graphic Designer father and an Interior Designer mother, Emmeline was taught hard work as a willing renovator-helper by her parents. She literally grew up in the industry. She gets her hands dirty and tells it straight: she isn’t afraid to tell you that a property isn’t worth what it’s listed for, despite how many coats of paint make it “look pretty”.

Emmeline has travelled the world, earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts and studied art abroad. She speaks French fluently. She has landed back in Calgary, now fully immersed in all facets of the Realtor®profession. She found a way to turn her passion and skill into a profession. Now that’s love.

Need to Sell? She can help you. Want to buy? She can help you. Investing? Check! Leasing? Double Check!

Yes, Emmeline, like other Realtors®, can tell you about her history in the industry and her many awards and accolades. The difference between Emmeline and her professional peers is that she doesn’t. She doesn’t need to bombard you with the balderdash, her work speaks for itself.

She has been in the real estate services business for many successful years and will be here for many more. This confidence comes from her real estate services to a great many buyers and sellers: their recommendations to others result in much repeat business and referrals that keeps her productive and successful. A full service real estate professional, she works with buyers, sellers and investors in transactions spanning all price ranges and property types.